Nursery - Proud Peacocks

Sticky kids. Nursery 05/03/21

Enjoy joining in with our last sing song. We hope you have fun doing “sleeping bunnies”. Can you think of any other animals you can make movements to. Goodbye and see you all on Monday.

Daddy on the Moon. Nursery 05/03/21

Story time with Miss Brailsford. We hope you enjoy the last story of the week. Do you dream of going to the moon?What jobs do your grown ups do? We hope you have all enjoyed joining in with the home learning videos and found them useful. We look forward to your return on Monday 8th March.

Letter sounds & formation Nursery (5/3/2021)

Join in with our letter sounds i, m, s, a, t. Can you find objects from around the house that have these sounds at the start? Then you could have a go at writing the letters using the correct formation either using paper and pens or using your finger in salt or flour.

Where The Wild Things Are. Nursery 05.03.2021

Story time with Mr. Hunt. We hope you enjoy this story with your grown ups at home. Can you tell your grown up how the character in the story might have been feeling?

Winnie & Wilbur - Nursery (4/3/2021)

Story time with Mrs Boden Winnie & Wilbur The Amazing Pumpkin. Talk to your child about the different feelings that the characters of the story have and why.

“Brave” Nursery 03/03/21

Story time with Mrs Huxford. This story talks about feelings . Can you talk with your grown ups about how you might be feeling and why?

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